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My recs... [May. 6th, 2008|03:26 pm]
alias recs


1. Graffiti by darkstar - Because it can not be said enough! Best fiction I've read by far.

The greatest tragedy of surviving is that we are forced to live in the
aftermath of those who survived with us.

2. Denouement by vega - "They write their own tragedies. Now the curtain falls, the play's done, and the world ends here."
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
-T.S. Eliot.

3. The Elements by Bella Lumina - After an angry separation, Vaughn and Sydney's lives come crashing together again.
The hours she spends in the office plod by; she meets with Barnett, takes a lie detector test, talks with Davenport and other officers she's never seen before, and takes another tests. They videotape an interview -- she wonders briefly if it could be found someday like her mother's taped interview -- and tell her that she can go home. It's all cold, impersonal, and proper.

4. Compline by akatolstoy - alternate Season 2—“If insight into one’s own destiny, much less the destiny of all of humankind, can be gained, it is done slowly and torturously, at great cost, and more often than not, understood only in hindsight. If one wants to know the heart of another person, the journey is even more arduous, the process of discovery of far greater importance than the knowledge derived.” Sydney, Vaughn, Jack, Dixon, Francie and Will deal with consequences of Irina’s reappearance and the revelation of a second prophecy.

5. Divergences by Em Mindelan - "There are two ways that this story can end, two different, diverging futures, two different worlds to be lived in. He can choose the woman he is with. Or he can choose the woman he loves."

6. Bind Them With Fury by Yahtzee - This picks up immediately after "Before the Flood" and then goes off in its own direction with little regard for spoilers. None are included in the story. Will post a chapter a day until the story is done.

(I hadn't seen canon mixed with fiction so well until I read "Bind them with fury." A new standard for Action!fic)